The Rationale for the Site


The first cry of the child after opening his eyes in this wonderland of light and colour is a sort of opening a communication link. In fact, to communicate is an urge of all creatures which they do in their own vocal or sign languages. Beginning with the basic voices and sounds and passing through stages of evolution the mankind has reached a stage where he can express himself in all sorts of languages, scripts and signs. However, the process of evolution does not stop and continues with the passing time and growth of human intellect. If we call it progress the speed of that progress is growing faster and faster. Thus in just a few decades our communicating capacity has jumped from the earth to the skies crossing all natural and manmade hurdles.

Now, if one wants to live with and walk along with the times he must learn to communicate in the languages swathing the skies and bringing the people closer to enable them to share the efforts to make this habitat of the mankind safer and more secure, comfortable and accommodating.

This is the justification for launching this site. But this outreach into the skies is not enough unless you have some sort of commonality of languages. This prerequisite leads to the need of translation from one language into other languages. That need compelled me to translate some of my Urdu writings into English to be able to share my ideas and views with others. In addition to my writings in Urdu and English I intend to upload in due course a few books I have translated from Urdu into English. In the meanwhile I will be putting up some of my past writings as well.

Of course, there are faster means of communication other than this site and an earlier created blog, but there is the need for expressing a more considered and elaborate view which may persist for a longer duration of time and may leave an imprint. This is the rationale for this site.

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