No guest has ever visited this lonely habitat since its very inception!
None is singing, no where is the henna colour!

Bare branches longed for leaves and fruits even for once!
There is no pleaser in watching empty spheres.

Storms are still nursed under thick shrouds of silence,
How could the silence be broken! None has touched the heart yet.

They are coming to end, the moments of life were already numbered,
But there is such a heat and vigour in breath as if the sun is not down yet.

Those wandering on streets, beaten by day's heat,
If get to their desitination by the dusk, there is nothing bad about it.

What could not push travelers up to their destinations
That could be the noise of passes by, that can never be my call.

Wake up Rizwan before the time for closing eyes comes,
While stars are still twinkling the down is yet to break.